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What in the world is Internet Marketing?
There are different types of marketing, which in some respect, is part of the problem! There are thousands of so-called "experts" looking for a quick buck by selling you products that they say will bring in thousands of buying visitors overnight or be a cure-all for all your online marketing problems. 

So what is Internet marketing? Marketing efforts or marketing solutions are what helps your site get noticed by potential buyers. There are several ways to do this and we'll cover them all in our Internet Marketing Plan. Before you sign up for any more programs, Plan-Internet-Marketing will guide you through the entire online marketing process for the benefit of your online business.

If you are interested in selling products, services or information online you have most likely encountered someone who wants to sell you a marketing solution that simply tells you how to market your site; and for good reason. It's easier to tell someone how to do something, than to do it yourself. Have no fear, however; this guide will provide you the basics of attracting visitors to your site through sponsored and non-sponsored listings.

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